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                SUPPORT THE MUSEUM

                Marx Toy Museum, Inc is now a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Learn more...

                Support the Marx Toy Museum with an Annual Membership and receive up to 20% OFF all Gift Shop and MTM Online Store items. 
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                The Marx Toy Museum Gift Shop bring great MTM Memorabilia to You!!!   All orders will have a $4.00 Shipping and Handling Fee regardless of the size of your order!!!    Email your MTM Online Store Order and You will receive an Invoice and Payment Options within 24 Hours.  Email with any questions.

                NOTICE:  All Online Gift Shop Items are listed with MTM MEMBER and Non-Member Pricing.  There are a variety of Membership Options through the Marx Toy Museum and we are confident there is one that meets your level of support.  BECOME A MEMBER and SAVE at the MTM Online Gift Shop!!!  Learn More About Membership!!!

                 60MM Louis Marx Statuette

                This statuette, made in the likeness of toy manufacturer Louis Marx, is an authentic and exclusive issue from the Marx Toy Museum of Moundsville, West Virginia. The statuette is cast from the ORIGINAL molding tool used at the Glen Dale, WV factory during the 1950's.

                WHITE, CREAM, & GRAY! 

                $25.00 NON-MEMBERS
                $18.00 MEMBERS

                Please Select Color Above
                When Emailing 
                Your Purchase

                BLUE, SILVER, & GOLD!!!

                Statuette is available in BLUE with a Collector's Level MTM Membership for $100.  Available in SILVER with a Supporter's Level MTM Membership of $250.  And available in GOLD with a Membership to the Louis Marx Society.

                $20.00 NON-MEMBERS
                $15.00 MEMBERS

                Marx Toy Museum
                DVD Volume I

                Volume I reflects on the Development of the Marx Toy Museum; introduces visitors to the History of Louis Marx the Man and Louis Marx & Co; and includes Part I of the Marx Toy Museum Tour. 

                Museum Tour Part I focuses on the Main Area providing in-depth discussion and colorful video.  In addition, this DVD captures the Historic Timeline of Playsets.  Features of the video include playset name, model number, year of production, & original playset box.

                Bonus Chapter includes:  TWO “Behind the Scenes” Stories on the Marx Two Story Fire House from 1954.

                Over 45 minutes of Photos & Video 
                Marx History & Beautiful Displays!!!


                MTM MONKEY
                With pullable arms and legs, this Marx Monkey reminds us of one of the earliest Marx creations - the monkey on the string and the monkey on a stick!!!  Monkey Shirts in Red, Purple, or Blue

                $15.75 NON-MEMBERS
                $13.00 MEMBERS


                MTM FRISBEE
                Colors:  Red, Blue, Yellow, Black

                $4.50 NON-MEMBERS
                $3.50 MEMBERS

                Set of 4 Postcards

                $2.00 NON-MEMBERS
                $1.50 MEMBERS

                (ONLY $1.50 S&H if Ordered Alone)

                MTM T-Shirts
                Colors:  Grey, Yellow, Neon, Blue
                Med, Lg, XL

                $13.50 NON-MEMBERS
                $11.50 MEMBERS
                ORIGINAL MARX
                Circus Playset Figures
                Original Marx from 1952

                $18.50 NON-MEMBERS
                $16.50 MEMBERS
                 Re-Issue 60mm MARX
                SUPERMAN Figure
                Available in Blue or Cream

                $10.00 NON-MEMBERS
                $8.00 MEMBERS
                Re-Issue 60mm MARX
                MOSES, CHURCHILL
                or NAPOLEON
                Available in Blue

                $10.00 NON-MEMBERS
                $8.00 MEMBERS

                $20.00 NON-MEMBERS
                $16.50 MEMBERS

                Featuring the
                Marx Toy Museum

                 RIGHT BESIDE THE RIVER

                The Pittsburgh area is blessed with many rivers, and because each river has two banks, you could say we’re doubly blessed with interesting, historic and surprising things right beside our rivers. In this lively and amusing documentary, producer Rick Sebak and his team travel from Moundsville, West Virginia (home of the Grave Creek Mound and the Official Marx Toy Museum) to Vandergrift, Pennsylvania (with its curved streets and great used bookstore) to Fredericktown (where the old ferry boat still crosses the Monongahela.) We learn about archeologists in Verona, an old family farmhouse beside the Ohio, a hundred-year-old hot dog place in Brownsville, and several spots in between. In Springdale, we visit the Rachel Carson Homestead and then go back for the annual Sustainable Feast there. We pay attention to pylons along the Allegheny and Ohio River Boulevards. And in Ambridge, we marvel at the perfectly preserved historic village of Old Economy. We find out about LSTs, the huge warships that were built along the Ohio during World War II. We check out changes along the Mon Wharf, and all the wonderful joys of the biking and hiking paths that have been established along the riverbanks around Downtown Pittsburgh. We end up in a cemetery right beside the Youghiogheny in West Newton. Come on along. It’s an unpredictable and fun journey.

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