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                Virtual MTM Tour

                Ride-On Toys

                Marx produced ride-on toys throughout the many years of toy production. Starting with simple ride-on trains and fire engines, to the battery operated cars of the late 50's, the Stutz Bearcat of the early 60, and perhaps the most memorable, the Marx Big Wheel and its many variations.

                While the history of Ride-On toys may begin long before the creation of Louis Marx & Co., there is no question that Marx left their mark on the timeline of great ride-on toys!!! One of the first ride-on toys produced by Marx was the Pioneer Express. The 1959 documentary of Glen Dale factory demonstrates the assembly line production of this ride-on train. Documentary can be viewed and purchased at the museum.
                In the early 1950's, Marx was one of the first to combine the Ride-On toy with Battery Power! As advertised on the box, the Marx-Mobile boasted, "Kids! Now you can drive a real automobile!" A few years later, Marx released a second version of the car. These 22" metal cars weighed nearly 20 pounds, had heavy steel foot pegs extending from the front fender, and could carry a child weighing up to 50 pounds.

                In the early 1960's, larger molds, stronger plastics, and again, battery power, lead to the creation of three more well-known Marx Ride-Ons...Tony the Pony, the Stutz Bearcat, and Marx-A-Cart. All three were powered by rechargeable battery and were controlled by a foot pedal on the side of the toy. Children could drive forward, backward, and steer their car with a turn of the wheel or a pull on the reins.

                In 1969, Marx released the first Big Wheel. Without question, the Marx Big Wheel will rank as one of the most memorable and most recognized of the Marx toys. Although in various sizes and colors, the memories of the Marx Big Wheel are consistent...worn our tires, 360 spins, and "clicking" tires...

                In 1975, the Green Machine hit the sidewalks for kids too old for the Big Wheel. The lean, mean Green Machine is steered by control sticks connected to the rear axle which enabled youngsters to achieve quick turns at sharp angles and high speeds.

                Throughout the 60's and 70's numerous ride-on toys infested front lawns across the United States. From themed toys such as Mickey Mouse and the Batmobile to grasshoppers, horses, and camels...the creativity in the Marx model rooms continued to produce new and exciting ride on toys throughout Marx history!!!
                Over 30 Marx Ride On Toys on Display at the Marx Museum!!!

                Pioneer Express ~ circa 1950's

                Fire Truck ~ circa 1950's

                Electric Marx-Mobile ~ circa 1955

                Tony the Pony ~ early 1960's

                Stutz Bearcat ~ early 1960's

                Bat Mobile ~ 1966

                Go Go Car (also used as BatMobile) ~ 1960's

                Pinto the Pony ~ circa 1960s

                Go-Go the Burro ~ circa 1960's

                Big Wheel ~ first released 1969

                Green Machine ~ 1975
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