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                Virtual MTM Tour

                A Vintage 1950's Snack Area & Gift Shop
                Go back to the "good ole days" in the 1950's snack area and gift shop.  Complete with "old" style restaurant booths, black & white tile floor, juke box, original coke machines, vintage signs, and more.  Sit back and enjoy some freshly made popcorn, a bottled Coca-Cola, and a little sock hoppin' music to get you tappin' your toe.  And while you're visiting, you might want to pick up a little something to take home to remember your visit in the Marx Toy Museum Gift Shop.   

                Playsets of the 50's & 60's
                The Marx playsets of the 1950's and 60's provided not only hours of fun for the children of the time, but produced childhood memories that will last a lifetime for millions around the world.  The Official Marx Toy Museum takes pride in the collection of playsets currently on display and the many memories they have bought back to those who visit...

                Prototype Model Room

                The Prototype Room features a collection of one-of-a-kind playsets, figures, and artwork!  Including a Haunted Castle set, Original Circus set, Hand-carved Johnny West Cannon and Accessories, Hand-carved and hand molded figures, and the original artwork of former Model Room worker, Joe Chamberlain.

                Western Related Items

                Almost everyone remembers the Marx Fort Apache, the giant fort that would snap together with little blockhouses over the corner and a gate in front.  What about some of the TV related western toys, such as the Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, Zorro, Roy Rogers, and the Lone Ranger Playsets.  The Official Marx Toy Museum takes you into the playset with a life-size western town with jail side...straight out of the western town playsets.  Guaranteed to make you feel like a cowboy when you swing open those saloon doors!


                When you think of the Marx wind-ups, you are thinking about those classic toys before plastic was even invented, with the Marx Merrymakers being the most memorable.  The Marx wind-ups were amazing toys with truly remarkable engineering.  Their creativity is what has kept them so memorable to this day.
                Service Stations, Transportation, & Construction

                Marx believed that children enjoyed playing with toys that they would see in real life, and as a result, his toys stopped nothing short of anything and everything children might see from day to day.  From dump trucks to garbage trucks, road graders to telephone trucks, tractor trailers to car haulers, army trucks to fire engines, if it was out there and driving on the road, Marx created a toy to its liking.  Marx produced a wide variety of service stations in all forms from single levels to three level car garages, service stations with elevators, service stations with car washes.  And a construction set in a four foot sandbox could open the imagination of any child... 

                Action Figures
                Although the majority of the Marx action figures did not come about until later in Marx's toy production, a new generation of Marx enthusiasts will never forget the hours of imagination spent playing with Johnny West, Stoney Smith, Sindy, and the many others.  Unlike previous figures that Marx produced, these action figures stood 12" tall, were fully movable,  and were designed to compete with GI Joe & Barbie.

                Ride-On Toys
                Marx produced ride-on toys throughout the many years of toy production.  Starting with simple ride-on trains and fire engines, to the battery operated cars of the late 50's, the Stutz Bearcat of the early 60, and perhaps the most memorable, the Marx Big Wheel and its many variations.    

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