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                The History of Marx

                Louis Marx has a history nearly as colorful as his toys. Described by many as an experienced businessman with the mind of child; Louis Marx’s ability to see into the minds of children around the world guided his toy creations and advertising efforts.

                Louis Marx founded his toy company in 1919. During the height of the Great Depression in the 1930’s, when most people saw only financial despair, Marx saw opportunity. Marx opened factories in Erie and Girard, PA, along with their largest facility in Glen Dale, West Virginia. During the 1950’s, Louis Marx & Co. became the “largest toy manufacturer in the world,” with over one-third of all toys in the U.S. being Marx toys. Described as “The Toy King,” Marx appeared on the cover of the 1955 Time Magazine.

                In 1972, at the age of 76, Louis Marx sold his toy company. Despite best efforts, no one had the gifted touch of Louis Marx and the company suffered a decline until the end. While Louis Marx and his company are now a part of history, his toys & the joy they bring children, young & old, live on… 

                Check back regularly as the Marx Toy Museum shares the history and stories of Louis Marx, the Marx company, and the Marx Factory Workers. 

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